New Redden’s Store - Coming 2019!

Set to move into the new Redden’s Store in summer 2018, our hopes caught fire June 28th around noon.

Now we are rebuilding (again!) to bring you a better, bigger, more delicious, comfier, expanded selection Redden’s Store Experience!

With supplies and materials arriving weekly, we can’t wait to welcome you into a larger space with new features such as an in-house kitchen, open year round, with a seating area to enjoy a meal or coffee; expanded product lines; locally made goods; fuel service; more selection; and yes, we’ve heard you, a walk -in chilled adult beverage section!

Follow this page to stay up to date on our progress!


Progress Update

December 2018 - Foundation poured and external walls erected

January 2019 - Pipes and groundwork laid for custom timbers, timbers are being constructed!

February - With timbers in place, the second floor was built, upper walls put up and the trusses are in place!

March - Truss work was completed and the roof is up! Next the shingles!

April - We added window openings on the second floor, are shingling the roof, adding housewrap in preparation for rainy season, and we’re starting to heat the ground!

May - We are getting the floor compacted and ready for concrete and staining the siding!

June - The windows are in and we’ve begun putting up siding!

we want your inpuT!

Click the images below to let us know what you’d like to see in the new store!