Seasonal Camp Guidelines


family friendly fun for all!


1. We ask that all guests register with our office and obtain a parking pass ‐ no charge for your guests.

2. Guest vehicles that don’t fit on your site will be charged $3.00 per day for parking and passes are obtained at the store. All Vehicles must be parked on your site or in designated areas.

3. No noise rules is in effect after 11:00 pm and until 8:00 am. Disruptive guests will be asked to leave.

4. You are responsible for your guests’ actions.

5. Additional tents, truck campers, etc. on your site will be charged $25.00 per night. Please speak to the office prior to an additional unit being added.


1. Please use the roads provided and don’t cut through other camper’s sites.

2. Additional electrical appliances, for example: fridges, heaters, water coolers, golf carts, electric fireplaces or freezers cost $75.00 per appliance annually.

3. One shed per site is allowed to a maximum of 64 sq.ft. Please talk to the office to get approval on sheds before building them. In order to maintain the aesthetics of our camp please ensure the outside of the shed is properly finished (ie. siding).

4. Decks and railings are allowed. Please talk to the office before building.

5. If you loan out your trailer to anyone, they will be charged for the site at our regular camp rate - please speak to the office prior to making these arrangements.

6. Seasonal campers must hard pipe their sewer line with either PVC or ABS. The flexible sewer hoses that come with the trailer break off over time and block the main sewer lines.

7. All vehicles must be parked on your site and not on the road.

8. Please do not park vehicles or trailers on the grass.


1. Docking fees include one boat only, and are non refundable once the season begins.

2. All personal watercraft (PWC) on the property will be charged for docking or storage.

3. Boats and Seadoo stored on the property, for use on other lakes, will be charged a reduced storage rate 150.00. These boats will pay the standard boat launch and docking rates when used at our facilities.

4. All boat trailers MUST have an ID tag stating owner name and phone number.

5. All kayaks/canoes/tubes must be labeled with owner names.

Sauna and Hot Tub

1. Hot tub is for adults 16 years of age and over only. No children allowed.

2. Hot tub can be booked for 30 minute intervals ‐booking will be posted near the hot tub. Please respect the privacy of others.

3. Sauna can be booked for 2 hours at a time ‐ the key can be retrieved at the store. Instructions on how to use the sauna are posted in the sauna entrance.

Washrooms and Showers

1. Please supervise children while using facilities and clean up after yourself.

2. We do our best to keep the washrooms clean. If you showering leaves a mess please clean it up for the next guest.

3. Pets are not permitted in the washrooms and showers.


1. Garbage will be picked up by 3:00 pm. Please do not put garbage out after that time. If you have missed the deadline, please bring garbage to the store.

2. Garbage bags require a visible tag to be picked up - tags are available at the store for $3.00 

3. Please do not affix tags to “Contractor” size garbage bags.

4. Please do not put garbage in overnight site and cabin garbage cans.


1. Dogs are not allowed to swim at the beach.

2. Dogs may swim from the boat launches.

3. Dogs must be leashed.

4. Loud dogs will not be tolerated.

5. Clean up after your dogs and scoop the poop.

6. Pets are not permitted within facilities such as washrooms and laundry.


Winter Storage

1. Winter storage is free for returning guests.

2. Guests leaving in the spring will be charged $500.00 for storage.

3. To avoid winter storage fees, the site must be cleared by October 15.


1. All new trailers brought into the camp will be approved by the office.

2. All trailers must fit on the site without altering the site.

3. In the event that we are ever assessed for land tax on individual sites, the fee will be payable by the trailer owner.

4. Shingled park models (Class 271) will be permitted to be sold on the site; therefore allowing the new tenants to have that site. Details of this arrangement can be obtained from Leanne and Carlton.

5. All park models must be re‐sided and re‐shingled every 20 years or at our discretion.

6. Trailer date of manufacture must be within the past 15 years. Trailers older than 15 years old must be upgraded to a newer model. Trailers without manufacturer tags will not be permitted in seasonal sites.

7. Please maintain the exterior of your trailers.


1. Deposit of $500.00 payable November 1st, and second deposit of $500 payable March 1st. All deposits are non‐refundable. A late fee of $50.00 will be applied to your invoice on March 2.

2. Payment is due in full no later than May 15th.

3. Cheque or cash discount for payment of seasonal sites and seasonal docking.

4. Late payments will be charged $50.00 per week.

5. Seasonal site and dock fees are non refundable. Early departures are no exception.


We reserve the right the change the rules at any time.

We reserve the right to ask uncooperative guest to leave at any time.