30. Is there a grocery store near by?

Redden's has a general store on the premises, we offer basic grocery needs. There are larger stores in Kenora including Extra Foods, Safeway, Walmart, and various small niche stores.

31. Can we go shopping in the area? What tourist attractions are there?

The campground is only a ten-minute drive from downtown Kenora, with a shopping mall and various tourist attractions. Kenora has all of the modern amenities for you to enjoy. There are two 18-hole golf courses, a museum, Paper Mill tours, dinner boat cruises, airplane rides, and ample shopping opportunities and a wide variety of special events. Rushing River Provincial Park is within a 20 minute drive from our location as well, it is known for it's natural beauty, with its cascading waterfalls and rapids and many nature trails along which you can experience first hand, the rugged beauty of the North.

32. What are the store hours?

Our summer store hours are from 7:00 AM CST to 10:00 PM CST.  Our winter store hours are 9:00 AM CST to 9:00 PM CST.

33. Where can I get a hunting/fishing license?

Redden's can provide you with a hunting or fishing license; we also carry fishing tackle and bait.

34. Are there vending machines available when the store is closed?

No, we do not have vending machines on site, however the store is open until 10:00 PM CST every night and opens again at 7:00 am CST in the morning.  There are also several 24 hour options in Kenora.

35. Is there a souvenir shop near by?

Redden's has a variety of souvenir items available in the store.

36. What is the wildlife like in the area? Is it usually a problem?

The area does have a variety of wildlife, however it is not a problem. We do suggest that all food is kept in sealed containers and in the cabin or trailer.

37. What will the weather be like during our stay?

The weather varies depending on the time of year that you visit; you can find out the three day local forecast from the weather network or using Wunderground.com for Kenora, Ontario, Canada.

38. Is there entertainment on site for when it rains or when the weather is foul?

We do not have onsite entertainment, we suggest you bring along board games, books, and toys for your children, and there are indoor activities a short drive from Redden's in Kenora for days when the weather is foul.

39. How is the bug situation at Redden's?

In the summer we have our share of mosquitoes and black flies, however we keep the camp well manicured so they don't seem to pose much of a problem.

40. Do you offer guided tours of the area or any other types of excursions?

We offer guided fishing trips and photography tours; we can refer you to what ever else is available at the time.

41. Can we leave valuables inside our cabin or trailer?

We have not had a problem with valuables in locked areas, cabins and trailers, however we do not suggest leaving valuables in unlocked areas such as tents. We suggest that you keep your cabin, trailer, and automobiles locked when you are not in them.

42. Do we need a tourist visa to visit Canada?

US citizens and green card holders as well as citizens of some countries do not need a visa to visit Canada. But you will need a passport to enter the country.  Information about obtaining a tourist visa in Canada can be found at: this site.

43. Can we get a receipt for the accommodations at Redden's for a GST refund?

Yes, we can supply receipts upon request.

44. We don't camp much, what things should we bring with us?

First Aid kit (with Tylenol) and any medications (with original labels), flashlights and batteries, fishing equipment, golf clubs, cards and other board games, pocket knife, paper/pencil/pen, folding chairs, lantern, insect repellent, sunscreen, bath towels, general toiletries, bags for dirty clothes, general clothing (warm and cool), hats, rain jackets, sewing kit, camera/film, toys for children, and your cell phone. Remember: it's quite warm in the daytime so be prepared with summer clothes, and it is cooler at night so you should bring warmer clothing.

45. Is there alcohol for sale near Redden's?

We have a liquor and beer outlet on site. Note that the age of majority in Ontario is 19.

46. Are there play facilities for children?

We have a small playground and a small water slide on the premises. We suggest that you bring toys and games for children for days when the weather is foul.

47. Is there a lifeguard on duty at the beach?

No, we suggest that parents keep a close eye on their children, and not allow children in the water without supervision. We are not responsible for children or visitors to Redden's.

48. Are there medical personnel available while we are staying there?

We do not have medical personnel onsite, however the Kenora District Hospital is only 20 minutes away. We are capable of handling minor first aid.

49. Are there handicap facilities at Redden's?

No, we do not have handicap facilities.

50. Do you have canoe, raft, paddle boat, or boat and motor rentals available?

Yes, we offer all of the above for rent. Please view our rates page for the rates and what is offered for rent.

51. Is there a limit on the fish I can catch?

Yes, please view our regulations page for more information.

52. Do you offer any type of fish cleaning services?

We do not offer fish cleaning services, but we do have a fish-cleaning house for our guests.

53. Are there any type of religious services offered at Redden's?

In Kenora there are various churches and services offered. Please contact the church in Kenora that you are interested in for more information. A listing of the churches is available at this site.

1. What options do you offer for lodgings?

We offer cabins, trailer sites, and outpost camps for rental.

2. What size are the cabins you have for rental?

We have 1, 2, and 3 bedroom cabins available for rental.

3. How many people can occupy each cabin?

The one-bedroom cabins comfortably accomodates two people, the two-bedroom cabins accommodate up to four people, and the three-bedroom cabins accomodate up to six people comfortably.

4. Do the trailer sites have electrical outlets and water faucets?

All trailer sites have full hook ups with up to 30 amp services.

5. How many people are allowed to stay at the cabins?

It is recommended for comfort's sake that there are only two persons per bedroom.

6. Can we invite additional people to stay at our site overnight?

Yes, however there is a charge associated with extra guests. Children are $5.00, and adults are $10.00 per day.

7. Is there a charge per person or is it per site?

The charges are per site, however if you would like family or friends to stay a night there are fees - Children are $5.00, and adults are $10.00 per day. These charges also apply if you rent a one bedroom cabin and have more than two persons staying in the cabin.

8. Do you have public washrooms or are there washrooms in the cabins / at each site?

There are no outdoor public washroom facilities. Each cabin has a washroom with a shower, and there are free showers and washrooms for trailer sites.

9. Is there a laundry area?

There is a laundromat on site.

10. Where can we park at Redden's, next to our site or will we have to backpack?

You can drive right to the trailer sites and cabins.

11. Can we cook inside the cabins?

Yes, cooking facilities are present in all of the cabins.

12. How about bed sheets and blankets, are they supplied for the cabins?

The cabins are equipped with bedding, towels, dishes, and various other essentials.

13. Can we invite family members and friends to the site for the day?

Day visitors require a day pass, if your visitors stay the night there is a $10.00 charge for adults and a $5.00 charge for children.

14. Is there a lights out policy?

We do not enforce a lights out policy.

15. Is there housekeeping?

Towels and sheets can be replaced upon request.

16. Are there entertainment or amusement facilities at Redden's?

There are no telephones present in the cabins, however we do have outdoor amusement options and there are televisions in some cabins. There is a beautiful beach with a small playground and a small water slide for children, and a short drive away is Kenora with its various amusement facilities.

17. Is it okay to go to Redden's in a regular car or should we have an SUV?

A sports utility vehicle is not required to access Redden's, the cottages, or trailer sites.

18. How long in advance must I book my cabin, or trailer site?

We suggest that you book as early as possible. We have a first come first serve policy on the lake front cabins.

19. Is there usually a waiting list?

Some weeks do book up very early in the year, we suggest that you book as early as possible.

20. Does Redden's require a security deposit?

We require a $200.00 security deposit for cabins, and a $50.00 security deposit for trailer sites. Reservations will not be held without a security deposit, payable with cash, Visa, Mastercard, certified cheque, or money order.

21. Are the fees in US or Canadian dollars?

All of our fees are posted in Canadian dollars.

22. Do you offer the option of extended stay?

We do have the option of extended stay, however an extended stay is subject to the booking of the cabin or trailer site. We suggest early booking and reservation for this option.

23. Do you offer special rates for extended stay?

Yes, please contact Redden's for extended stay rates.

24. Do you offer winter services as well?

No, we are a seasonal facility. We are in operation from May until October each year.

25. What is your refund policy on lodgings?

Late arrivals and days lost through early departures will be charged at regular rates. Cancellations must be received before 45 days of the reservation date to ensure a full refund of the security deposit.

26. What are the check-in and checkout times?

Cabins and Trailers: check in after 2:00 pm CST, check out by 11:00 am CST.

27. Can we stay in the Campground after checking out?

No, however you are encouraged to visit the surrounding areas; Rushing River Provincial Park and Kenora.

28. How far is Redden's from Kenora, Winnipeg, and Fort Frances/US Border?

We are located 9 miles east of Kenora, 140 miles east of Winnipeg, and 120 miles north of Fort Frances/International Falls (US Border).

29. Are there restaurants near by?

There are various restaurants encompassing many ethnic varieties in Kenora, a short 15 minute drive from Redden's.