9 Ways to Start a Campfire

Summer heat melts into cool evenings on the lake here at Redden’s Camp, making it perfect campfire season!

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Not everyone is a fire aficionado, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 9 Ways to Start a Campfire!

1. Good ol’ Fashion Friction

Whether you’re twirling a stick between your palms on a dry piece of wood, or striking flint, get that friction and that fire going! There’s no guarantee that this method will be quick and dry wood is essential!

2. Newspaper/Cardboard

Probably one of the most used fire hacks, almost everyone has an old paper or flyer that they can light to get the flames going. This works best with the addition of small, dry kindling.

3. Dryer Lint

If you have a dryer at home, you’ll have a steady supply of fire starters being produced every week! A benefit of dryer lint is that it burns longer than newspaper and is essentially free! Mix it up by stuffing some dryer lint in an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll - squash them to make them easily packable if taking on a trek!

4. Doritos

This one is a classic camping hack! Besides being lightweight and delicious, Doritos actually make great kindling and fire starters! Generally we prefer snacks in our bellies than lit on fire, but in a pinch, we suppose we could make an exception! Perhaps to limit snacking on your fire resources, buy your least favourite flavour to start the fires with (and also your fave for snacking) - two birds, two flavours!

5. Coffee Mate

A tip from one of our campers at our sister location, Pye’s Landing, apparently this works like magic! We’re not sure we’ll ever want to put it in our coffee after we witness the combustible properties in action, but we’ll give it a chance! The added bonus of this hack is that it’s very lightweight and can be easily stored in small containers or bags. Have you tried it? Let us know!

6. DIY Firestarters

A great summer project for yourself or the kids is to research some DIY fire starters. Many can be made with items you likely already have around the house! Don’t know where to start? We’ve got a few ideas for you here!

7. Store-bought Starters/Fluids

Sometimes you just need a hand! If you have damp wood, or need a fire asap, starter fluid may be the way to go! Don’t have time to pack away the dryer lint or DIY something? Store bought fire starters may be a good option for you - and the options are endless!

8. Pinecones

Completely dry pine cones make great fire starters and have a delightful scent while burning, too! Get in a little aromatherapy while making your fire to bring on ultimate relaxation and campfire vibes.

Step it up a notch by soaking pine cones in cooking oil and letting dry - this will give it a little oomph - this will still be aromatic but in a slightly different way (think fries instead of forest) - maybe that’s a bonus! The next time you’re on the trail, pick up some cones and begin your starter stockpile now!

9. Tree Sap

Tree sap is a great starter if caught in nature without any other form of fire assistance - hunt around for this natural substance and set it alight on some dry wood, and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time! Sounds like a finger sticking good time!

What are the campfire hacks you’ve tried?

We’d love to hear your favourites - and even the ones that didn’t work! Comment below and let us know!

It may be campfire season, but it’s important to practice fire safety and obey all local fire restrictions. Do not leave fires unattended, and always put them out safely!

Happy Camping,

Redden’s Camp