7 DIY's for the RVer


One could make the argument that camping and RVing is the ultimate DIY/BYOA (Bring Your Own Accommodations) adventure, but that doesn’t mean that simply packing the tent or hitching up the camper has to be the end of your DIY dreams!

Space is usually maxed out at a quaint “cozy” in a camper or RV, and sometimes some creature comforts are nixed in the name of efficient small space design, leaving room for the perfect DIY opportunity to either hack your space or make it more like home. Here are 7 DIY ideas to get you started!

DIY Solar Lanterns

Let there be light (even without an electric hookup)! While solar lanterns are easy enough to find at every supermarket and outdoor store, if you’re looking to add a bit of rustic charm to your camp setup or just need a project, making your own with mason jars is a fun way to spend an afternoon! Find out how to make your own here!

How to Keep Sand Out of Your RV

With two private beaches at camp, it’s tough to keep the sand just at the beach! A neat hack involving baby powder could be the cleanup time saver you need! Educate yourself on the sand removing properties of baby powder here.

Spruce Up Your Sun Faded Covers on Your RV

The doors for the connection hookups on your well loved RV may show the signs of age and yellow with continued sun exposure - grab a can of your favourite colour spray paint, some painter’s tape, and a sunny afternoon to give your RV a mini makeover! Stick to classic colours such as white, cream, or black for a modern look, or get wild and choose a happy bright colour for an unexpected pop of colour! You could even extend the colour pop to the doors of your external storage cubbies. For a detailed step by step guide, check out this post on the Rugged Thug Life Blog.

Clear Up Drawer Space with a Magnetic Strip

RV kitchens aren’t known to be the gloriously roomy baking challenge ready spaces most of us dream of, so if you find your drawer space to be too limited, invest in a magnetic kitchen strip to hang metal utensils and tools on your kitchen wall! Find that and several other hacks here!

Cozy Updates

It’s not hard to bring a little hygge (a cozy Danish life trend) to your camper - after all, you’ve already got an adorable and cozy (small) space! Spruce it up with some lanterns - indoor or out - or a succulent or two! Find more tips on how to cozy up here!

Natural Mosquito Repellent Around the Fire

Campfires are a camping and RVing essential, but sometimes the smoke isn’t enough to keep bugs at bay! If you don’t feel like crawling into the camper smelling of bug repellent when the fire dwindles down, try adding fresh or dried sage to your fire for a natural repellent! Learn more about the helpful qualities of sage and several other camp hacks here!

Storage Solutions for Every Space

Despite having some solid walls and creature comforts such as a sink, RVing isn’t without its extensive gear and packing lists. With food, clothing, toiletries, tools, games, dishes, and more all being necessary components to a successful RV setup, it’s easy to find yourself in need of some space saving solutions! Get creative with 25 storage ideas for your camper!

Now, grab your tool kit and your command strips and get to the DIY-ing!

Happy RVing!

Redden’s Team