The Ultimate Canadian Camping Trip: A How To

Celebrate Canada Day With the Best Canadian Summer Activity: Camping!

Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer, is tomorrow, and the longest day of the year also means that our most patriotic long weekend is just around the corner! Celebrate Canada’s 152nd birthday in style with a good old fashioned, back to nature camping trip! How can you make your long weekend a success? You’ve come to just the right place - we’ve crafted a detailed how-to guide just for you and your favourite people!

Take a seat, buckle up, and wave to your neighbour, eh - it’s going to be an informative ride!

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1. Gather the Group

You already know your camping (because you’re reading this post), so the “what” is sorted! Now you need to sort out the who - message your besties or the fam and see who’s in!

2. Book Your Site

Once you know how many tents or RVs will be joining the party, call your local Redden’s Camp (hey - that’s us!) and inquire about your stay! Long weekends tend to fill up quickly for most campgrounds, so the sooner you’ve gathered the group, the better! Think ahead of everyone else and send along your inquiry as early as possible! Some camps don’t keep a waitlist (we don’t!), but we wouldn’t take our chances with walk-up availability!

3. Make A Shared Packing List

Just go all willy-nilly and pack the things you’ll think you’ll need… right? Ha! We think you know that we’re going to suggest a…. LIST! We love lists! Has anyone gone cold weather camping without socks? Because we sure haven’t… nope, not once.

If you’re headed out with a group of people, it’s easy to split the preparation/supply burden! Start a group chat or a shared note - do you really need 3 camp stoves and 11 roasting sticks for a party of 5? Probably not! Reduce duplicate items by assigning responsibilities and packing lists to each person in the group! If you’re venturing out solo, a list can help ensure you aren’t left alone without a necessity!

Maybe you already have a gear checklist - this is a great time to pull it out! If not, live in the moment and get to it now!

  • tent or RV

  • Sleeping Bags/Blankets

  • SOCKS (k, it happened ONE time, Susan)

  • Pillows

  • Sleeping Pad / Mattress

  • Tarp

  • Camp Stove

  • Roasting Sticks

  • Cookware

  • Eating Supplies/Cutlery

  • Bag for Waste

  • Water ( & treatment if necessary)

  • Toiletries

  • Duct Tape - for any and all fixes

  • First Aid Kid

  • A LIGHTER (also only happened once, okay?!)

  • & more! We have a post about that here!

4. Meal Plan

You could just wing it and eat hot dogs for 3 days - no judgements, we’ve been there! Or, you could plan an elaborate Canadian Feast! We’re talking copious amounts of maple, s’mores (savoury s’mores, anyone?), heck maybe even KD and don’t forget the kinder eggs!

Pro tip: Another shared note or group chat can come in handy here - after all, you wouldn’t want to forget something essential that you thought someone else was bringing. Studies show that writing things out makes them easier to remember and keep track of! Now THAT’S organization!


5. Pick Up Celebration Supplies

Whether you’re celebrating with face paint or beverages, you’ll need to get some supplies! If you’re going the sparkler/firework route, ensure that there is no fire ban in place and use these items in a safe manner! Have water/extinguishers on standby and be sure to follow camp rules and local legislation!

6. Enjoy the Outdoors

There’s nothing more Canadian than exploring the great outdoors that we are lucky to call home! And don’t get us started on the weather - complaining about it is a Canadian rite of passage - but we also know how to deal with less than ideal weather conditions. If it’s raining, grab the gear and get out there anyways! If it’s snowing - well, now you know the rumours are true! Sometimes Canada does get snow in July!

7. Live in the Moment

Be present with your friends or fam, and if it’s just you, take a moment to reconnect with yourself. We find that taking in all this beautiful land has to offer is a great way to unwind and stay grounded after a busy and fast paced first half of the year!

8. Have Fun

Fun is subjective - whether it’s reading a fave book by the fire or creating a fireworks show any city would be jealous of, you do you!

Happy Canada Day to this gorgeous land and all the people in it!

Safe celebrations to all!

Redden’s Team