Start Camping Season Off Right!

What time is it? Camping time!

With the melt well underway, it’s time to prepare for everyone’s favourite time of year! Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Below are some pre-season checklists to ensure you start off this camping on the best foot possible!


For the RVers:

  1. Inspect the unit inside and out - check for leaks, signs of critter friends, any repairs that are needed, check the tires.

  2. Repair or tidy as needed.

  3. Go through your camp essentials list - are the linens cleaned and packed, dishes, cookware, camp games, beach towels stocked - don’t forget the sunscreen and bug repellent!

  4. Summerize the water system:

    1. Connect all lines and put filter jar in place

    2. Connect to a water source or fill up fresh water tank (ensure pump bypass is set to summer)

    3. Turn on the water!

    4. Open taps and let run until water is clear (turn on everything that uses water - outside shower, toilet, ice makers, dishwashers, laundry)

    5. Taking the plug out of the water heater, switch the bypass valve(s)

    6. Let water rinse bottom of water heater for a few minutes

    7. install water heater plug and let it fill

    8. Double check to make sure all lines are running clear

    9. Turn on water heater breaker!

  5. If planning to travel around, book your summer stays!

  6. Pack the swim suits, the family, and the snacks, and hit the road!

For the Tenters

  1. Inspect your gear - tents, sleeping bags, foams, mattresses, stove, dishes, cooler

  2. Repair/clean as needed

  3. Go through your camp essentials list - stock up on sunscreen, bug repellent, s’more ingredients, camp foods, beach towels, eco-friendly soaps, first aid kit, and camp games

  4. Book your summer destinations, invite your friends, and have the best summer ever!

What’s your favourite camping activity! We’d love to know - comment below!

Happy Camping!

Redden’s Team