S'mores Please!

Suddenly, it's August. What? How did we get here? The team at Redden's Camp is wondering that, too!

What's even more befuddling is... We haven't had a single s'more this season - we know what you're thinking - how can a camp not have had a single s'more? We don't know. But we're here, and it happened. We're going to rectify that ASAP, which got us thinking... why start the 2018 S'more Season off with an original (though yummy) s'more? So, we've been researching the bestest and yummiest campfire treats, and here are some of our faves!

caramel s'mores.jpg

Up First: The Salted Caramel Bacon S'more

A staff favourite, this treat requires a little pre-planning - or frying! Ditch the boring old graham cracker for a gooey, yummy, caramel-y treat and top with a roasted 'mallow and a slice of leftover bacon from breakfast - you'll never eat a plain s'more again! Our favourite way to whip up this treat is to use Leclerc Celebration Caramel Truffle Butter Cookies! Pro tip: the raspberry filled cookies are equally delightful!





Next Up: The Elvis S'more! 

There's a history to this one, in that it's rumoured that peanut butter and banana was one of Elvis' favourite treats - and do you know what goes well with both of those things? Marshmallows, a campfire, and good times! 






For the Sophisticated S'more Enthusiast

Savoury. S'mores. Yes, you read that right! SAVOURY. S'MORES. What? Oh yes. Ohhhhhhhh yesss. Think cheese instead of marshmallows and prosciutto instead of chocolate, and by golly do we have a campfire treat sure to please your pickiest friend! Yum!

What wild s'mores do you enjoy?

Have you created a delectable mallow-y treat? We want to know!

Looking for some inspiration? Here's some of the ones we found during the painstaking researching and testing of these treats! 

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